November 14, 2006

View of the Week.
My lovely wife Carol, has now added a view of the week feature to her holistic therapy website, with images courtesy of me.

So, to see a changing view each week from Carol's therapy room window, hop over to flow therapies and take a look! And maybe book in for a treatment while you are at it!

November 03, 2006

Abolished? - Take 2.
It was another litfest jaunt yesterday, this time to The Priory to snap writer Cath Nichols, another of the Abolition project writers, talking to Tim Padfield of BBC Radio Lancashire.

Then on to Sunderland Point, that wonderfully remote headland, which gets cut off from the mainland by the Morecambe Bay tide occasionally. The third of the Abolition project writers, Chris Fittock was there with Tim Padfield again, to visit Sambo's grave and talk about his play.

November 01, 2006

Oooh, Spooky!
You know, I just love Halloween, and I know I probably shouldn't but it is just great fun. I spent 3 hours carving pumpkins on Monday night with my two boys ("I want a werewolf howling at the moon dad"), and I think produced some rather fine specimens.

On Tuesday (Halloween), I arrived home from work to a spookily decorated house, my zombie made-up kids all hyper and excited about the party they were off to, and Carol handing me a cup of tea and telling me to get my outfit on!

A bit of Bauhaus on the CD player, a spot of freaking out the trick or treaters, and then off to join the the party. Mid life crisis? What mid life crisis?
A short trip down to the quayside in Lancaster for me yesterday afternoon, for a quick press snap of Beth Broomby at the Slave Trade memorial (see S.T.A.M.P.).

Beth has written a short story for the Litfest and Lancaster Museums Service 'From Archives to Airwaves' project, and was being interviewed at the memorial by BBC Radio Lancashire, who will be broadcasting Beth's story (along with pieces by the two other writers on the project) this coming Sunday.