November 01, 2006

Oooh, Spooky!
You know, I just love Halloween, and I know I probably shouldn't but it is just great fun. I spent 3 hours carving pumpkins on Monday night with my two boys ("I want a werewolf howling at the moon dad"), and I think produced some rather fine specimens.

On Tuesday (Halloween), I arrived home from work to a spookily decorated house, my zombie made-up kids all hyper and excited about the party they were off to, and Carol handing me a cup of tea and telling me to get my outfit on!

A bit of Bauhaus on the CD player, a spot of freaking out the trick or treaters, and then off to join the the party. Mid life crisis? What mid life crisis?

1 comment:

looby said...

Our children loved your hosue! It was very spooky and I loved the "entrails". Thanks for timing your midlife crisis so well :)