August 21, 2007

Dave and Maria.
It was a first time photographing at the charming Pickerings Hotel in Garstang for me this Saturday, at the wedding of David and Maria. It was a lovely day, full of smiling, happy guests, all sharing in their joy.

I had another first that day too, as I have never before encountered the newly wed couple walk out to the sound of the "Imperial March" (the Darth Vader theme ) from Star Wars!

Have a great honeymoon, and may the force be with you.

August 19, 2007

Flax3 Postcards.
It was very nice returning from holiday this last week to find the Flax3 writers postcards (which feature my photos) were back from the printers. And not just that. They were also really, really nice. Martin Chester (litfest designer) has done a great job I think. Flax3, titled, The Art of Tying Knots, will be available as a digital download from September 7th at the Litfest website.

Image of the Week.
I had the great honour this evening, of finding one of my photos was chosen as "Image of the Week" on another website. Yes, it's nice to be recognised by one's peers, even if the website in question does happen to be that of one of my oldest mates and probably enjoys only marginally more hits than Tim Henman at this year's Wimbledon. However, thanks Richard, and in return I offer up this classic of 80's fashion photography - a portrait of me by Richard Wain. 40 year old's of a nervous disposition should look away now.

Oh, come on, it was the 80's for god's sake!

Oh, and if you want to see that 'Image of the Week' click here to visit the very excellent Dam Design website.

August 06, 2007

Shark Attack!
I'm on holiday at the moment so a slight deviation from my 'photography content only' rule seems excusable. My youngest Archie enjoys a bit of film making, and yesterday I assisted with his latest epic, the animated classic "Shark Attack" seen below.

Not bad eh? And if you liked that, pop over to youtube to see some more of his mini-movies.