July 28, 2008

Paul & Laura

The Ashton Memorial seems to have been even more popular than usual for me this year, and on Friday I was there again for the wedding of Paul & Laura. We hadn't actually met until the day of the photos as I was booked late on just to take the group shots and lift some of the pressure off Laura's mum Christi who was doing the photography for the rest of the day. It also meant Christi could actually be in some of the pictures!

Congratulations Paul and Laura!
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July 26, 2008

Lee and Vicky

Lee and Vicky met in their first week at Lancaster University and on thursday returned to the City and to the ever-beautiful Ashton Memorial for their wedding. The sun shone proudly on them and they basked in it's warm glow.

The two of them were a joy to photograph, and clearly enjoyed their day. All the best to you both and congratulations! Enjoy your 2 weeks in Mexico!
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July 11, 2008

Family Snapshots

Some time ago I inherited all my dad's old negatives (he was a bit of a photography buff in his early days) and amongst them are some absolute treasures of family snapshot photography. I have yet to go through all the many hundreds (if not thousands) of them - some have never been printed and remain unseen by myself and my 2 brothers.
Recently, I thought I'd try a bit of updating of some of them and so here's an example from c. 1966 in it's original b&w and then colorized in photoshop.

The picture shows me (centre, aged about 4) with my Aunt Doreen, and my brother Ade with our mum, on a beach in Wales. Reminds me how I need to take more snaps of my own 2 boys! I'd forgotten how much I love family snapshots and this thought made me pop over to the very wonderful Museum of Snapshot Photography. The museum is currently a web-based project and not quite fully up and running but when I spoke to Sonja Campbell who curates the museum, she told me it would be updated soon and that she also hopes to secure funding for an exhibition space. Watch this space for news.
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July 01, 2008

Amy & Richard

This last weekend I had the pleasure of photographing Amy & Richard's wedding at the very beautiful and charming Broadoaks Country House Hotel in Troutbeck, near Windermere. The ceremony took place in the Hotels' Music Room, just big enough to take the 20 guests (more guests followed later in the afternoon).

It was a lovely affair with much laughter, and aside from the group shots, I was left to roam free with my camera and just snap whatever I saw (just as I like it!).

I hope to return on another occasion but for now, Thanks Amy & Richard for allowing me to be a part of your day.

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