April 29, 2008

Wray Scarecrow Festival

Ah, it's one of my favourite occasions of the year once again - Wray Scarecrow Festival. And this year, we were accompanied by my younger brother Tim and his family. They all seemed to enjoy the excellent scarecrows on display, and my youngest (Archie) and wifey (Carol) both got to be a scarecrow for a bit too (that's Carol in the newspaper costume attempting to startle onlookers as a 'living' scarecrow.
If you haven't been yet, what are you waiting for?

April 26, 2008

Passport To Style

On Wednesday this week I was asked by Sharon Gibson, style guru of Lancaster's "Passport To Style" to photograph the winner of a competition she had been running in The Citizen newspaper to show off her new wardrobe and makeover. It was a fun hour and Sharon had done a fab job as Tamsin, the winner, looked great!

Passport to Style offer style coaching help such as weeding out your wardrobe and assisted shopping for those of us who can't decide what to wear.

April 24, 2008

April 21, 2008

Dominic Kelly, Storyteller.
Dominic Kelly tells stories, and on Saturday as I snapped him for some new publicity shots, I was treated to a sample of his skills. Now, granted I wasn't able to pay too much attention as I was also concentrating on my focusing abilities, but it was very enjoyable. So if any schools or festivals or museums are out there thinking about hiring a storyteller for an event, you would do well to consider Dominic.
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April 19, 2008

My home town
The Word of the Week feature this week presents the fabulous Wales Millenniun Centre in Cardiff, my home town as it happens.
This particular snap was taken when revisiting the Welsh capital for my eldest son Stanley's 10th birthday (Stan was also born in Cardiff) and he particularly liked this building.

April 15, 2008

I'll be Blowed!
It was up to Williamson's Park for me this morning, though unusually, not for a wedding today. Instead it was to shoot local actor Ian Blower for his updated headshots and Spotlight profile.

Ian's a lovely chap and we enjoyed a good chat over a few cups of coffee whilst rain temporarily interrupted play.

Cheers Ian!
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April 14, 2008

A change to our advertised programme.
Ok so maybe I was a bit overambitious with the whole word a day idea - forgetting just how busy I am most of the time - so in a change to our advertised programme, Word of The Day will now become Word of the Week, and to express just how I feel about this, here is this week's Word of the Week.

Taken at the Morecambe Lantern Parade last December, I loved the way the lights and fire dancers patterns seemed to spell out the word "Joy".

April 10, 2008

Midland Hotel Revisited.
I spent a lovely couple of hours back in the Midland Hotel in Morecambe this morning to get some snaps of Photographer Simon Webb, who as I mentioned in an earlier post on this blog has been working on a book about the Midland for publication by Litfest in June this year.

You can see some of simon's fantastic pictures on his website, and litfest are taking orders for the book now, which will also feature fictional vignettes by the writer Sarah Hall in response to Simon's photos.

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And the penalty is...?
in lieu of failing to post a word of the day yesterday (hey, it was my birthday, I'm allowed a break!), today you have a bonus photo featuring lots of words.
So I wonder what the penalty offence is for drinking in a prohibited area... trial by witches?
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April 07, 2008

Never say never.
Locals will recognise that today's Word of the Day comes from the steps leading up to the Eric Morecambe statue on Morecambe Seafront.
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April 04, 2008

Is everybody having...
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Sharon Sings The Blues.
Another fun album cover style portrait. This one à la Billie Holiday as a birthday present for Sharon.

April 03, 2008

Waits for no man.
There's never enough of it.. it marches on relentlessly... you can never turn it back. The word for today is... Time.
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April 02, 2008

The Word on the Street.
I've always had a bit of a thing for photographing words as I find them, on the street, in signs, wherever. I was a bookseller for many years, and it may not have escaped your notice that I also work at Litfest, Lancaster's literature festival and literature development agency. So word's must be kind of important to me I guess.
Anyway, I thought it was about time I offered some of them up for wider use and enjoyment.
I'll aim for one a day, and probably manage one or two a week. So the word on the street today is...