January 26, 2009

Classics in Lego

You've just gotta love these genius remakes of iconic photographs reworked in Lego by Mike Stimpson. Check out his Flickr page here for some more classic recreations.

Disclaimer: All lego pictures are copyright of Mike Stimpson, clicking the images will take you to his Flickr stream. All original images are shown here, in low resolution for comparison only.
Copyright remains with the photographer.

January 24, 2009

Looking for a new YashicaMat

Some years back (the mid 80's I think) my dad gave me his old Yashica Twin Lens Reflex, and I loved that camera. It looked great, it had a great lens, took great pictures - you get what I mean - it was great! I used it and used it, till sadly a year or so ago, it broke and I was unable to fix it.
So it occurred to me, as I scour ebay looking for a replacement, that just maybe someone reading this blog may have one, or something similar that they no longer require - if that person is you, get in touch. I'm not looking to spend much, but I can give it a good home.

January 09, 2009

Catherine & Scott

I first met Catherine some months back when she invited me to put up a display of my wedding photography in her lovely florist shop (flowerstop) in Lancaster. Well I think she must have liked the display because shortly afterwards she invited me to be photographer at her own wedding, which took place last Saturday at Lancaster Cathedral.

Catherine is a strong supporter of local independent businesses and this was evident on Saturday with a gorgeous dress by Lancaster designer Jennifer Pritchard, beautiful table settings by Katie at Lovebird wedding stationery and fab cake by The Yummy Cupcake Company. The guests were also kept entertained at the Lancaster House Hotel by the marvellous magician David Lancaster.

Catherine didn't quite get the snow she was hoping for though it was certainly cold enough!
And Scott was without doubt one of the most relaxed and happy grooms I have ever met, he beamed throughout the day, his laughter keeping out the frost.

Congratulations both of you, I hope the snowboarding was fantastic!

January 03, 2009

New for 2009!

Hmm! there's been a fair bit of blogging this past week about new years resolutions - that type of thing, not something I usually go in for, I leave that sort of thing up to Mrs Beanphoto. But today feels like a new year. I have my first wedding of the year up at Lancaster Cathedral, and I'm looking forward to that. However, I'm still not really expecting or wishing for anything bold or new for 2009. I will aim simply to enjoy whatever I am doing, have fun, and to do more of those things I enjoy the most.
And I shall start by sharing a fun new toy with you. I came across Poladroid in early December, but had no time to play with it until recently over the holiday break. And what fun it is. As near a recreation of the joy that is polaroid photography as it is possible to get. Choose your image to turn into a poladroid, watch as the image 'develops' before your eyes, smile at the lovely vignetting and colour casts, 'take' nine more (only ten pics in a polaroid cartridge) and share...