February 27, 2009

Sisters, sisters...

Last weekend, Mrs Beanphoto, who has been ill with pneumonia since New Years Eve, was announced all clear and we finally also had a visit from her twin sister who had been unable to visit lately due to being snowbound (so she says!).

Carol has been complaining for some time that I don't take many photographs of her these days, so in swift response, I present Carol (Mrs Beanphoto) and with her sister Angela.

February 26, 2009

Daniel and Claire

One of the first shots that popped up at me from the recent shoot with Claire, Bob and baby Daniel was this lovely shot.
If Claire looks familiar to regular blog readers that'll be because she is sister to Catherine and bridesmaid at Catherine and Scott's recent wedding. And don't worry Bob, there are some lovely shots of you in the works too!

February 25, 2009

Cemetery, Grange Over Sands

I was in Grange Over Sands at the tail end of last week for some family portraits with clients, and found myself arriving early, so with time to spare and an appealing mist hanging in the air, I decided to grab some quick snaps of the cemetery just up the road.

To see the family snaps, tune in later!

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Scott & Catherine's wedding wedding album

I finished the layout on Catherine and Scott's album this week and have just sent the job to the printers, it's looking lovely and I can't wait for them to see it!
You can get a sneak preview here...

February 24, 2009

My how quickly they grow up

Yesterday was youngest son Archie's 13th birthday. Our little fella who seemed to resist growing up for so long, in a way that his desperate-not-to-be-a-kid elder brother Stanley could never have done is now officially a teenager.

He's had some magnificent obsessions along the way, from Thomas the Tank Engine, through King Kong, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Dr. Who and now Liverpool FC. And whilst we wonder if he will ever make another youtube classic to match this...

... we can be happy that we still have it to enjoy (15,559 views at last count!).

So for his treat this year we took him for a tour of Anfield, the home of Liverpool FC where he was able to look in awe on the actual shirt worn by Fernando Torres, sit in the players actual changing room, walk around the actual stadium and spend all his actual money in the gift shop afterwards.
Surely this was boy heaven!

February 20, 2009

Hanneke Blower - Actress headshots

On Sunday I met up with actress Hanneke Blower at Wiliamson Park to update her headshots and publicity photos. It was a fun session with Hanneke going through several quick wardrobe changes to vary her look and I took several hundred shots from amongst which came some great headshots and also a few fun portraits.

Hanneke can be contacted through the North West Actors Agency.
If you would like headshot or publicity photos please get in touch.

A slideshow of shots from the session...

February 12, 2009

Final Flax017 writer in the frame

John Siddique, the last of the Flax writers for the Flax017 anthology was in front of my lens today for his profile shots. The afternoon light was fading fast so I improvised with a handily available anglepoise lamp for some nice moody lighting - I do love a bit of lo-fi!

February 10, 2009

Flax writer Andrew Hurley

I photographed Andrew Hurley a couple of years back for the very first Flax writing anthology - Flax001: Square Cuts and I was keen to have a second go this morning since on that first occasion we were very pushed for time and contending with some quite difficult lighting conditions.

Today's shoot was a much better opportunity and I was able to rattle off quite a few shots under far less duress!

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February 08, 2009

Three Flax writers for the price of one!

It was back on the Flax writers wagon for me on Friday, with not one but three writers dropping by the Litfest office for editorial meets and photo shoots.
I always enjoy doing these portraits, as I'm usually accompanied by Sarah Hymas, the Flax editor, who engages in conversation with the sitter while I get on with the snapping. It's a nice informal way of doing things and it seems to work well. No one gets too self conscious or nervous about the camera and we seem to get some good natural pics as a result.
Brindley, Annie and Marita are all featured in the next Flax digital anthology "Flax017: Unsaid, Undone", which launches in April. It'll be the first digital anthology from Flax in over a year, and I've really not much of an idea yet how Martin Chester, the Litfest designer will be using the results, so it'll be fun to see!

February 07, 2009

Have you seen this cat?

Eagle-eyed Lancastrians may have noticed some unusual lost cat posters going up around town this week. It's all part of a unique storytelling project in which posters are being placed in shop windows and around The Storey asking “Have You Seen this Cat?”
The posters form the first section of a three part story related to the Storey Institute, which tell a story of unrequited love between a fictitious Lancaster couple who have been separated and united by the Storey Institute at various points in their lives.

You can keep up to date online by visiting the two characters’ blogs - Fern and Charlie.

I had fun filming and photographing the writer David Gaffney on behalf of Litfest, and you can find out more about this interesting project at the Litfest website.