July 11, 2010

Elizabeth & Mark's Lancaster Priory Wedding

Liz and Mark could seriously not have had any better weather for their fantastic wedding at the Lancaster Priory (next to the Castle). It was a close moment shortly after I arrived at the Lancaster House Hotel where Liz was getting ready, when she discovered she had left her shoes at home (!) but a hasty despatch of one of Mark's groomsmen and all was soon well! Of course it slowed the proceedings a little and what with the Lancaster traffic, Mark could be forgiven for nervously checking his watch a few times at the Priory waiting for his bride to arrive! He needn't have worried, nothing was gonna stop Liz getting her man! After the service, and piling several of Liz's family into my car, we all headed to the Lancaster House Hotel for the reception. Here's a selection of my faves...


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