December 11, 2010

The Word Girl

As a part of Lancaster's Literature Festival back in October, Litfest came up with the idea of a dress made out of words, and commissioned dress designer Jennifer Pritchard, based in The Storey to make The Word Dress. I came up with the idea of using the pages from Angela Carter's Book of Fairy Tales as the fabric for the dress, as a new adult fairy tale was also being commissioned by local writer Claire Massey. Claire launched her story at the Storey as a part of Litfest2010 where she read it aloud actually wearing The Word Dress. It was a pretty fabulous event!
Recently, wanting some more pictures of the dress, we asked Lancaster actress, Hanneke Blower to model it for us and took some new pics. It's not that easy to move in, so we stayed within the Storey and used the (then) current art exhibition as a prop too.
Here's a sneak preview in triptych form.

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