June 18, 2010

Winter wedding ideas

I know it's like the height of summer out there right now, and you probably don't want to hear me talking about winter, since we hardly get that much of a summer, but allow me to divert you for a moment, because this week I had the pleasure of finding my work featured on the Frosty Winter Weddings blog, run out of Chicago, Illinois by Coraline.
The whole wedding blogs scene has burgeoned in the last couple of years, both in the States and here in the UK, to become a fantastic, creative hub, and if you're planning a wedding, you'll probably already have discovered how fab they are for inspiration and ideas. Frosty weddings is a great place for just that if you are planning a winter wedding.

June 12, 2010

Final Flax021'ers!

After blogging Amy's shots for the Flax021 writer profiles recently, I got a bit behind on editing and missed off the other shoots from the set, so without further ado, joining Amy Prodromou in This Road we're On (Flax021) is Chris Witter,Naomi Kruger and Emma Bragg.
The launch for the issue is on Wednesday 30th June at 7.45pm at the Storey Auditorium in Lancaster.
I really love the cover for this issue too, which I'm pleased to say recycles an old shot of mine taken before the Regal Cinema on King Street in Lancaster was demolished.
You'll notice one person missing from the photos here, who appears on the cover and that's because Annie Clarkson appeared in a previous flax issue and as I'd already done a shoot with her there was no need to re-shoot.  But so Annie doesn't feel left out, here she is in a shot from that previous shoot.

June 09, 2010

Sarah and Gary's Wedding

Rain most certainly did not stop play last weekend as Sarah and Gary married with smiles and laughter in abundance at Scotforth St. Pauls Church in Lancaster with reception at the Ashton Hall, Garstang Golf Club, a remarkable building which dates back to Medieval times (and was a previous home of Lord Ashton).
My day started at Sarah's fathers house as Sarah and her bridesmaids got themselves ready. Dad wept when he got his first site of Sarah in her gown! Beautiful moment!
After the church it was on to Ashton Hall, where the guests were treated to some of the best speeches I've heard. In a break from tradition, Sarah gave her speech too (quite a bit of in in verse!), and very moving it was too. Sarah lost her mother quite recently, and spoke very movingly of her. like most of the guests, I had trouble holding back the tears! Anyway, here's a selection of some favourites...

Quite an emotional day really! Best wishes Sarah and Gary, and thanks for the Ale pie!

June 06, 2010

Yesterday's portrait shoot

A couple of years back I photographed Jane Eagland, a local writer for Flax (if you haven't got it by now, Flax is the publishing imprint of Lancaster Litfest). Jane was selected for inclusion in Square Cuts the very first Flax publication, and I had a brief from Sarah Hymas, the Flax editor, and from Martin Chester, then Flax designer, to go for portraits that were a bit quirky, full of character and not too straightforward.

This one of Jane was my favourite from the shoot then and was used both in the publication and on the publicity postcards.

Since then, Jane has gone on to have a novel "Wildthorn" published by Macmillan.
Then this week, Jane contacted me to ask if I could photograph her again as she was needing some publicity shots for her updating her website, and though she'd loved the ones done before they didn't really suit her needs this time around. I could see why. This was an altogether different kind of brief. Jane was looking for something that welcomed visitors to her website and showed clearly and straightforwardly who she was and what she looked like. This time around she was both client and subject.

The pictures were all shot in natural light, against a clear background, as Jane and I chatted and laughed. it's how I like to shoot a lot of my portraits. I get the natural character of the sitter without any stilted stiffness from forcing poses on people.

So here's a few from the shoot yesterday...
Jane Eagland