September 26, 2010

A view of Arnside Knott

Yesterday was the last of three weddings in 8 days, and I'll be blogging them all shortly, but today I promised myself a day off and went walking up Arnside Knott with Mrs Beanphoto and Toby (mention going for a walk to the boys these days and we're just met with groans and strange quizzical looks!).

Now why did no one ever tell me what a fantastic view there is from up there? Wow! Sorry, no camera with me, so I can't show you any pictures (I did say it was a day off right?).

So, in place of an Arnside Knott view, I'm offering a word of the week picture instead...

September 18, 2010

Conder Green portrait shoot

Peter and Julia picked Conder Green, near Lancaster for their portrait shoot a couple of weeks back, as it's a regular walking area for them and their two dogs. It was a great choice, and we had fun using the old boats, peeling iron bridges and wooded walks to take plenty of shots. Here's a few of my favourites...

September 16, 2010

Sarah Hymas' new poetry collection "Host"

My Litfest colleague Sarah Hymas, has a new collection of poems out. "Host" was launched at the Maritime Museum on St. Georges Quay, Lancaster, an event I was more than pleased to attend. Together with Sarah I have really enjoyed the opportunity to photograph all the Flax writers that she has been editor to. The launch event was a very well put together occasion, and an opportunity for me to hear Sarah read movingly some of the poem from "Host".
Back in 2007 when Sarah was still putting the collection together, she asked me if I could have a go at making a short film of one of the poems, "Harrogate Bedrock, 1898". It was lovely to hear Sarah read that same poem at the launch, and it seems like a nice opportunity to present it again here...

"Host", is published by Waterloo Press, and is available from Litfest's Poetry Bookcase price £10.

September 10, 2010

An Elastic Sky

This last week I've been snapping a few more local writers for the upcoming Flax022 anthology entitled "An Elastic Sky"

Rather nice for me is that like the previous anthology, "This Road We're On", Flax editor Sarah Hymas has chosen one of my shots as the cover image, a scene taken a few years back at Silverdale. I haven't as yet seen a finished copy of the cover, so for now here's the original image...
and also the first four of the contributors snapped this week, Ron Scowcroft, Jim Turner, Rebecca Bilkau and Michael Crowley ...

There's one more still to come, David Tait.

September 08, 2010

Let's see if it works again...

Ok, so something odd started to happen. The reintroduction of word of the week recently, began with "Argument", and rather prophetically things kicked off later that day in the Bean house (I'll just say "teenagers" - you'll perhaps know where I'm coming from!), and last week continued with "Whistle" (I found myself whistling the theme tune from "Betty Blue" all day long - why? I haven't even seen that film in like 15 years!
So today, I'm thinking I'll see how far we can take this thing...
Today's Word of the Week is... "Lover" (I'll let you know how things work out)

September 04, 2010

Bombs Per Minute at Mintfest 2010

What fun! On Thursday this week the Family Bean went to Westmorland Showground to see Bombs Per Minute - the opening act of Mintfest 2010. It took a good deal of persuasion to get The Incredible Sulk (eldest son) to come along too, but agreeing to take girlfriend along finally swung things in our favour. Unfortunately, being something of a middle aged numbskull, I forgot that made 5 people in total and only had enough entry money for 4 (doh!). At this point I'll cut things short and refer you all back to last weeks "Word of the Week" and move swiftly on! Luckily, on my way back to sit the event out in the car whilst the young 'uns watched from up close, I glimpsed a friendly face! (Hi Richard!), cadged a couple of quid, and we were in! Yay! and boy was it good. If you've not seen or heard of them - how do I describe them? Fireworks - yes lots of fireworks, but like the best fireworks ever, on the stage, in the sky, on scaffolding, hand-held, shooting off in all directions, and Music too - but fantastic, pounding tub-thumping, and axel grinding industrial grunge music. And synchronised!
At this point I should probably apologise to anyone who was stood near us at the time who  may be thinking that wasn't what they saw, that they paid £2 just to watch The Sulk +1 snog all night! Apparently, he says he did watch it, it was "yeah, pretty good, really" but there was little evidence to back it up.
Anyway, that was a very long way of saying, "it was actually pretty damn good really" and if you get the chance again, don't think twice - go see it! Oh yes, and here's a few pretty pictures. some by me, some by other Beans - I forget which!

September 03, 2010

Cat & Phil's wedding

I'm a little later than usual blogging Cat & Phil's wedding, as I was off on holiday for 2 weeks straight after and have only just had chance to finish the edit! So my apologies to the couple and their guests for the extra time spent waiting!

Phil had confessed before the big day that he really felt uncomfortable being in front of a camera and so I felt a little more under pressure than usual to put him (and Cat too of course) at ease. On the day, I couldn't imagine where Phil had got this idea from, as he was a complete natural! They both were!

The day started with me arriving at Cat's house for some casual 'getting ready' shots, unfortunately when I arrived there was just one bridesmaid and a full tray of bacon sandwiches! No matter! a great chance to get some shots of the dress and shoes with no one around! Cat was back before too long though in time for some shots with the lovely Ford Popular car she was arriving in provided by Churchills, before heading off to Scotforth St. Pauls church to catch up with the boys.

After the ceremony we took the group shots, some fun portraits and a few close up portraits in the church grounds, then off to Garstang Country Hotel for the reception and wedding breakfast. A great venue for me as I love the natural light pouring in through the expansive windows.

Anyway, enough of all that, here's some of my faves... (click an image to see a larger version) and don't forget to leave a comment!