November 19, 2010

Street Photography Now Project #7

Its week 7 in the Street Photography Now Project and this weeks instruction is...

It's actually quite a tough brief, and ending having me think about things coming in three's and repetitions, rather than strictly good, bad and ugly. Anyway, I had next to no time again this week (why are November and December always so damn full of stuff that eats your time up?), but, I found a few minutes yesterday, just a few yards from the office and snap! here's my entry... I loved the discarded brolly in the alleyway, but when I moved into the alleyway to shoot from a different side, and noticed the red, green and yellow of the brolly repeating in the pavement and suggestive also of the traffic light colours, I knew that's what I wanted, then it was just a wait for someone with another brolly up to come past - just a shame it was a black one!

November 10, 2010

Never overlook a cliche - street photography now project #6

It's week 6 in the Street Photography Now Project, and a tricky instruction from Artem Zhitenev...
I've had precious little time for taking pictures this week, so grabbed a few minutes over a lunch break today, and was attracted to the pigeons in Market Square. Pigeons are a pretty well used subject matter in street photography, so I decided not to overlook them and snapped away. This was my fave...

November 08, 2010

Jennifer Pritchard Bridalwear shoot at The Storey

Jennifer works in the office next door to me during the day and recently asked if I would photograph her beautiful 2010 dress collection using The Storey (where she recently located her work to) as the backdrop. The Storey is a great building, so full of quirky features, we realised when we finished the shoot that we could have done it all again and used a completely different set of backdrops!
It was a blast, so thanks Jen for asking me, and thanks too to Karen for modelling, and to Dalton Square florists for the flowers.