September 18, 2011

Litfest 2011 is coming

As many readers may know, my working week is split between Litfest and Beanphoto, and one of the really lovely aspects of working at Litfest is getting to do most (if not all) of their photography. It's a treat doing all the flax writer portraits and occasionally I get a picture or two used for a cover on a flax publication. As we move through summer I start to think in the back  of my mind about an image we might be able to use on the annual festival brochure. I wanted something bright, fun and eye catching. A chat with Penny (Litfest marketing) and the idea of a house made from books came about. From there I tried a few ideas out, re-shot thr best of them, did some swift market research to gauge public opinion and settled on this shot of a tiny house made from book pages. The little figures are becoming a bit of a trademark of mine (I love them!) . At this point I left to on holiday and handed the raw files to Gareth of Morph Films who designed the brochure. I came back off holiday to find a little pathway had been added in computer, which I have to admit I wish I'd thought of myself!
Anyway here's the finished image adorning the festival brochure cover.
I really like it and pretty soon it will be all over town! But what do you think?
p.s. If you'd like to make your own paper house, you can download a template from the Litfest website. And you can download a copy of the festival brochure here. You'll see a fair number of other photos by me in the brochure too, but more about those later.

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