March 30, 2011

The joys of second shooting

This last weekend I had the great pleasure of second shooting for Philip Gibbs of Tall Order Photography. I've known Phil a while now and a few weeks back he came along on one of my weddings as second shooter. Phil commented back then how he loved being able to sit back a little and shoot more informally, and I got to see what he meant when I returned the favour this week and acted as second shooter to Phil for Rachel and Paul's Wedding.

I tend to shoot very informally at weddings anyway, but it's a lovely thing to be able to shoot weddings from slightly askew as it were. As second shooter, I can slink off to an out of the way position and catch the action from a completely different viewpoint, or I can offer a second angle on a portrait shot, or just look at what's going on behind the main action for a change.

Both Phil and I are members of LADAPP (Lancaster & District Association of Professional Photographers), a small network of like-minded wedding photographers who come together occasionally to talk and share experiences, offer advice, share work and collectively offer stand-in cover in the unlikely event of someone getting knocked down by a bus (touch wood).

I'm afraid the two of us look quite a comical pair, Phil is a thin and tall 6' 5", and I'm a round and short 5' 8". In addition, whilst I am actually called Mr Bean, Phil is often told he looks like Mr Bean!

I was somewhat blown away by the gorgeously vintage styled flowers at Rachel & Paul's wedding, so not at all surprised to find they were done by Catherine at Wedding Flowers By Catherine in Lancaster, indeed Catherine showed up for a brief spell on the day and so these next ones are for her.

March 20, 2011

vintage carte de visite effect

Introducing Cedric, a family friend who just loves his vintage clothing. He asked if I could take his picture and maybe add a sepia effect, but I thought we could do better than that, so here is Cedric's Modern faked Carte De Visite (equivalent of a victorian calling card)!

March 19, 2011

Claire & Simon's fun-filled Farington Lodge wedding

Claire and Simon's wedding day was just such good fun from start to finish. I was joined for the day by the fabulous Philip Gibbs from Tall Order Photography as second shooter (I'm returning the favour in a couple of weeks and will be second shooting for one of his couples).
The day started at Claire's house where she was getting ready with mum and bridesmaids (hair and make up by Sally-Ann Higham) before heading off to another new Lancashire wedding photography venue for me, the quite delightful Farington Lodge, near Preston, for the service and reception. It was also nice on the day to see old friend Tom from Silk Wedding Videos who was filming the day. Here's a few of my faves... (click an image to see a larger version)

March 15, 2011

2 quite different jobs

Yesterday I had 2 quite different jobs on, which was really rather nice - I like a bit of variety! It was also a chance to try out my new backup camera.
First up was a portrait shoot (head and shoulders) of local Green Party councillor Andrew Kay. I'd previously shot Andrew a few years back when he was first standing for election and it was time for an update.
In the afternoon, I was out again, this time to take some record shots of an incredible piece of art by local artist Carole Hunt. Carole had put a call out for people to send in photos or recommendations for "Inspiring Women" to comemmorate International Women's Day, and from the photos, she has stictched together a dress made of the photographs. It's a beautiful piece and quite lovely to photograph and spend some time with. It's on show at The Gregson Centre in Lancaster until the end of this month, so I do recommend you take a look.

March 01, 2011

Clare & Sam's February Mottram Hall Wedding

After last weeks sneek peak shot of Clare, comes a fuller selection from Clare & Sam's wedding at Mottram Hall. They were such a great couple to photograph, very relaxed and fun. "Keep it really informal. nothing too posed" was my brief, which of course is just how I like it! It was my first visit to Mottram Hall near Alderley Edge, an impressive venue, with some great features and lovely gardens. This was my first wedding for 2011 and with a fully booked year ahead of me, it was a great start to the year!
Here's the pics...