June 28, 2011

A summer Ashton Memorial delight

I'm very lucky as a Lancaster wedding photographer to have the amazing Ashton Memorial  right on my doorstep (well a few minutes walk away!). It's a beautiful venue with a fascinating history and stunning views across Lancaster and Morecambe Bay, and it's where Matt & Sue's son chose for them to get married!

I loved the fun and life in this wedding, how could I not? The kids, the colour and the laughter are all elements for me that make a great day.

So, that said, here's a few of my favourites...

I think this shot of Matt in his pre-wedding interview with the registrars is one of my faves ever from the Ashton!


June 24, 2011

The experience of shooting a wedding

Today I thought I would share with you some more pictures from Jane & James' wedding at the end of May. On this occasion however, they were not taken by me.
I am often asked by young photographers starting out if they can join me on a wedding for some experience, and that was the case with Jodie. I've said before that wherever possible I like to say Yes to these requests because I recall how hard it was to get experience of work when I was starting out.
So here are the photos taken by Jodie when she accompanied me. I really like them, but I'd love to know (and so would Jodie) what you all think?

June 22, 2011

A Book Tale available on Kindle

A Book Tale (Flax)
Litfest have this week released several Flax publications as ebooks in the Kindle format. For Flax027 A Book Tale by Claire Massey, they have used one of my Word Dress pictures. The Word Dress was commissioned by Litfest and made from the pages of Angela Carter's "Book of Fairy Tales", and designed and made by Jennifer Pritchard. It's a fabulous piece, and you can view it Tuesday - Friday in the Litfest office in The Storey Creative Industries Centre, Lancaster. For the shoot, the dress was worn by Lancaster actress, Hanneke Blower.
Click the image to go to Amazon and purchase the ebook - it's a lovely story and at 70p it's a snip!

June 19, 2011

The wedding of Jane & James

I was accompanied for Jane & James wedding by a new young photographer, Jodie, whose family had met me at a previous wedding and asked if she might be able to join me on another occasion and maybe learn a few things. Wherever possible I like to say yes, because I was never given those opportunities myself when I was starting out trying to make a living in photography. Of course it has to be okay with the wedding couple, and in this case Jane and James were more than happy. I've not seen Jodie's pics yet, but as soon as will upload a few here too.
We're well into full on wedding season now, and I'm reminded just how busy things get at this time of year, but hey! not that I'm complaining, I love this job, and when I get great couples to shoot like Jane and James it's easy to see why.
I arrived at the Garstang Country House Hotel and found Jane getting ready in her room with all of her girls and a few glasses of champagne - well why not - it's a wedding! After a few shots here it was off to find James and to catch the arrival of the guests, before the service started. I think this must be one of my fave rooms for shooting civil weddings, so must natural light!

After the service, we did a few formals (indoors and out - the weather being a bit of a challenge), and some more relaxed shots.
Jane's dress from Ambience in Garstang, looked amazing, as did the fabulous tower of muffins and the room decorations overall, which Jane had clearly put so much thought into, and the ever-beautiful Flowers by Catherine.
A great day guys! Here's a few favourites...