September 29, 2011

Zoe & Craig's Great Hall at Mains vintage wedding {Lancashire wedding photography}

Zoe and Craig's big day at The Great Hall at Mains, had so much to enjoy. a great venue, a super-happy couple, lots of sunshine, a gorgeous vintage car once owned by the family of Florence Nightingale, pretty, vintage china tea cups for the flower displays (I loved how the floor standing displays for the service later became table centre-pieces for the wedding breakfast), some rather amazing wedding shoes, bundles of smiley happy guests and the directive to relax and just shoot the day as it happens (my kind of people!). So, here's a selection of my favourites, and thanks to Zoe and Craig for asking me to share in their fab, fab day!

September 27, 2011

Walking in Circles

Litfest2011 starts very soon, and life in the Litfest office is getting pretty busy in preparation. One of the events I'm really looking forward to is the launch on Sunday 16th October of Flax029: Walking in Circles a collection of three poetic walking tours of Lancaster by Elizabeth Burns, Rebecca Bilkau and Martyn Halsall.

The three walks – all starting at The Storey – take different routes around the city to explore its history and people. For the launch, in the Storey Auditorium, the poets will read poems to create a journey around the city, with projections of photographs (by yours truly) of what you might see en route.

If you’d like to take the walks yourself, a map of all three routes will be available from the Visitor Information Centre – you can even borrow an MP3 player with recordings of the poems to listen to as you go. You can also download the map and audio of the poems from the Flax029 page of the Litfest website after the event. And an ebook (cover image below) of the all three sequences will available from the 16th October.

The photographs which will create a slideshow backdrop for the launch of Walking in Circles were all taken in the course of one afternoon. You can see the full set of images here on Flickr.

September 18, 2011

Kodak Bantam Colorsnap 3 camera

This weekend I picked up this gorgeous old film camera (this is becoming a bit of a vice for me at the moment) from a local Trash 'n' Treasure fair for £1.
Kodak bantam colorsnap 3 The Kodak Bantam Colorsnap 3 was manufactured by Kodak between 1961 and 1963, making it the same age as me! It takes 828 roll film, not so easy to find these days, but I'm hoping i may be able to pick up an old roll from ebay and give it a go. However, the fun bit is this - on opening the camera to inspect, I found it had a used roll of film still on the spool! Now how fun would it be to get that developed and printed! 50 year old forgotten and undeveloped photos! All I have to do is find a printer who can handle 828 film! Anyone out there who can help?

Litfest 2011 is coming

As many readers may know, my working week is split between Litfest and Beanphoto, and one of the really lovely aspects of working at Litfest is getting to do most (if not all) of their photography. It's a treat doing all the flax writer portraits and occasionally I get a picture or two used for a cover on a flax publication. As we move through summer I start to think in the back  of my mind about an image we might be able to use on the annual festival brochure. I wanted something bright, fun and eye catching. A chat with Penny (Litfest marketing) and the idea of a house made from books came about. From there I tried a few ideas out, re-shot thr best of them, did some swift market research to gauge public opinion and settled on this shot of a tiny house made from book pages. The little figures are becoming a bit of a trademark of mine (I love them!) . At this point I left to on holiday and handed the raw files to Gareth of Morph Films who designed the brochure. I came back off holiday to find a little pathway had been added in computer, which I have to admit I wish I'd thought of myself!
Anyway here's the finished image adorning the festival brochure cover.
I really like it and pretty soon it will be all over town! But what do you think?
p.s. If you'd like to make your own paper house, you can download a template from the Litfest website. And you can download a copy of the festival brochure here. You'll see a fair number of other photos by me in the brochure too, but more about those later.

September 05, 2011

Niall & Hannah's Happy Ever After Wedding at the Inn at Whitewell {Ribble Valley Wedding Photographer}

Niall & Hannah's wedding at the lovely Inn at Whitewell, was such a lovely day. After some pretty awful weather, the sun came seemingly out of nowhere to shine for this great couple and we were able to make the most of the Inn's beautiful grounds and vistas. 
The day was all the more enjoyable for me for seeing some old familiar faces among the guests. Observant readers might recognise Alan & Frazer amongst the throng. And several guests from their wedding seemed to be here for Hannah and Niall too. Hannah's design for the marquee loooked absolutely gorgeous and I loved the cupcake tower with cake on top made by Alan!

Credit here to Lancaster's Yummy Cupcake Company for the beautiful and very scrummy cupcake tower!